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We have had own pages since 1999 and English version came to daylight at January 2004. On these pages we have basic information of our stable. Founder of our stable is Einari Vidgren - legendary Finnish horseman of whose story these pages are all about! At history pages you will see how everything started here at Mäkelä, Finland.

We are not very serious of everything what we write here to our news, so please have some humour with you while your read them! Our English skills are not the best possible but we try hard to make sense to these pages.

Most of all we hope to give for our readers information of our everyday life here in deep forest at Vieremä.


In the old days the birth of a baby boy in a small farmer’s cottage in Northern Finland meant that a logger had been born. After a large emigration to Sweden during the 1960’s and 70’s, this was no longer true. Young people left their home villages like Vieremä in hoards and moved to Sweden and southern Finland to find work. They believed that they could no longer make a living in Northern Finland.

The persistent, more content older generation stayed on their own plots of land. Among them, there were a few young people who continued to live on the small farms. One of them was Einari Vidgren.

Einari was born in 1943 during the Second World War. His Father, Jooseppi, fought with the other Finns for his country´s independence against the Soviet Union, who had started the war. Used to the hars wintry conditions, the men of the woods ant the horses that pulled the supplies were capable of putting up a surprisingly obstinate resistance and caused considerable losses to the enemy.

After the heartbreaking peace, work to revive the economy was briskly stated in all fields. Even then, the Finns had their forests to lean on. Building timber was needed in order to start the reconstruction of the country. The wood pulp and paper industries needed immeasurable quantities of raw material. There was also a dire shortage of firewood. It was needed to heat the houses and to power steam engines and ships. The Finnish woodsman was again greatly appreciated.

The post-war life in the countryside was tough. There was little to eat and next to nothing to wear. The Finnish people had the reached a kind of a zero point. In addition, the nation was made pay unreasonably high reparations after the war, but its mental backbone was not broken an the independence was secured. In Einari´s childhood, Finland was living through a strong period of reconstruction.

The Vidgren cottage was small. Living in close quarters taught Einari to be social, polite, and cooperative. The values, learned in his childhood, of working hard and living conservatively have shaped him into the man he is today.

Einari learned temperance very early. When he was seven, he drank a bottle of after-shave because he wanted to imitate a drunken man. He almost died from that experiment. He didn’t drink alcohol again for 25 years and never learned to smoke either.
Young Einari was competitive. The skiing competition of his school was a big event for him. He was also very interested in horses and machines. He dreamed of having them one day. Those dreams have certainly come true, but it took a lot of hard work, courage, toughness, persistence and inventiveness.

His life from a small farmer’s son to a leading businessman and industrial counselor is one of a kind. His experiences were varied, but nothing came to him on a silver platter. His education is limited, but his success is a result of hard work and honesty.

Aarno Kellberg,
Author of Ponsse History